Server Delta down (Megoldott)
  • Prioritás - Kritikus
  • Érintő Szerver - Delta
  • The server delta had an hardware failure and crashed. We are investigating the issue.

    Bare with us against the delay due to a reduced tech team on site.

    Update: We have identified the failing hard drive and are running an extensive test to check if datas are missing.
    Update 2: The filesystem check on this server is still running.
    Update 3: Both hard drives (RAID-1) died simultaneously on this server. We are currently migrating all accounts to another server.
    Update 4: We continue migrating and restoring accounts to another server. Actually2/3 of the accounts have been migrated. Bare with us as this is a very long process of migrating and reinstalling all impacted accounts.
    Update 5: 95% of the accounts have been so far restored.
    Update 6: All accounts have been restored, verified and if necessary fixed. Again, we apologize for this unpredictable issue and will continue to support and answer every your questions.

  • Dátum - 18/04/2020 11:58
  • Utoljára frissítve - 20/04/2020 21:29
Hardware replacement (Megoldott)
  • Prioritás - Kritikus
  • Érintő Szerver - Delta
  • We are actually processing a hardware replacement on this server. It had to be switched off during the replacement.

  • Dátum - 22/03/2018 15:42 - 22/03/2018 15:56
  • Utoljára frissítve - 22/03/2018 15:57
Harware Test (Megoldott)
  • Prioritás - Kritikus
  • Érintő Szerver - Delta
  • Hello,

    We are actually doing an Hardware test on this server.
    This test has to be done offline. Expected interruption could be up to 45 minutes.

    We apologize for this inconvenience and will do our best to bring back this server online as fast as possible.

    Feel free to contact us per email or per chat for more informations.

  • Dátum - 27/03/2017 22:21 - 27/03/2017 22:25
  • Utoljára frissítve - 27/03/2017 22:23

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