Dear Webdomainers,

We are pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our server security. As part of our commitment to offering the best and safest hosting environment, we have installed Immunify360 on all Webdomain servers. Here's what this means for you:

Purpose of Immunify360

Immunify360 is a comprehensive security solution designed to protect servers from a variety of threats. In the vast world of the internet, it's vital for businesses like ours to ensure our servers—and consequently, your websites—are safeguarded from potential attacks.

Functions of Immunify360

  • Advanced Firewall: Blocks unauthorized access and malicious traffic.
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection: Monitors server activity to prevent unauthorized actions.
  • Malware Detection: Scans regularly to identify and remove malicious software.
  • Proactive Defense: Protects against even unknown threats by analyzing and determining potentially dangerous behaviors.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): Safeguards websites by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between the web app and the Internet.

Advantages for you

  • Enhanced Security: With Immunify360, your websites are more secure than ever, reducing the risk of potential breaches.
  • Optimal Performance: By blocking malicious traffic, your websites will run smoothly without interruptions from harmful entities.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that professionals and top-tier software protect your digital assets, you can focus on growing your business.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Our system and team will constantly oversee server activities, ensuring immediate action if any suspicious activity is detected.

Questions? We're Here for You!

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. If you have any questions regarding Immunify360, or if there's anything else you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready and happy to assist you.

Stay safe and thank you for choosing Webdomain!

יום שלישי, אוגוסט 8, 2023

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