Today all servers have been upgraded to ASSP v2.
On the client side, it hasn't altered anything. You'll still find the same options to filter, analyze, allow or reject spams.
On the server side, it improves greatly the way Emails are filtered. The ASSP v2 Engine is multithread, allowing to analyze and filter a bigger amount of messages simultanously. It also fully take advantage of MySQL to process even faster the messages.
The Hidden Markov Model (HMM) spam detection engine, associated to the Bayesian engine, will now produce results that are much more exact.
Your privacy is really important to us and we hope the implementation of this new engine will take care of it.

We also implemented DMARC entries on all accounts hosted with It means that every email you'll sent from your account will now have a bigger chance to be received (and not filtered) by its recipient.

We've tested those updates as well as the stability of each server.
Anyway, if you encounter any difficulties or bugs with the settings of your account, feel free to contact us per live chat or e-mail.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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