The migration announced since the 16th of october per email announcements was finalised today.

All accounts were migrated to the new servers. All datas, stats, emails and passwords were migrated as well.
We apologize to the few customers who experienced some DNS outages; believe us, it was not an easy task to handle. We are happy and also proud to have managed it with a 99% efficiency.

If you read this message, you may wonder why this migration was necessary?
We had to do it to centralize all the customers we acquired recently from merged companies. Many of them were hosted on old and over helmed servers which is not compatible with our services quality policy.

From now, you'll love a lot more the performance/availability of your website(s).

Note: If your website is not reachable, please check your DNS settings. Our nameservers have to be configure with your current registrar as follow:

Primary server: NS1.MAXIWEBHOST.COM (
Secondary server: NS2.MAXIWEBHOST.COM (

This modification isn't immediate and the propagation to all DNS databases worldwide may require up to 72 hours. 

Best regards,
Elie P.
Tech support Supervisor.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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